The dust of the two vote system has been settled, and the first province in China will implement it in the whole province next month


"Two ticket system" to shorten the length of circulation

Recently, the Anhui food and drug administration, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, the Provincial State Administration of Taxation and other departments jointly issued the opinions on the implementation of the "two ticket system" in drug procurement in public medical institutions in Anhui Province. From next month, the "two vote system" will be implemented in drug procurement of all public medical institutions in Anhui Province.

The "two ticket system" of drug procurement requires that an invoice be issued to the distribution factory, and the distribution factory issue another invoice to the terminal. There are two VAT invoice processes in the process, reducing the circulation link of price increase at all levels.

The Information Office of Anhui food and Drug Administration said that the purpose of implementing the "two ticket system" is to continue to deepen the reform in the field of drug circulation, reduce intermediate links, reduce falsely high prices, severely crack down on illegal acts in the purchase and sale of drugs such as "affiliated" and "ticket" and ensure the safety of drug use of the people.

The pharmaceutical industry may face a "big reshuffle"

Anhui province implements the "two ticket system" in the drug procurement of public medical institutions across the province, that is, the drug production enterprises issue one invoice to the drug trading enterprises; The drug handling enterprise shall issue an invoice to the public medical institution. The trading enterprise established by a drug manufacturing enterprise that only sells the drugs of the company (Group) can be regarded as a manufacturing enterprise. The domestic general agent of imported drugs can be regarded as the same manufacturer (only one domestic general agent). If the holder of a drug marketing license entrusts a drug manufacturing enterprise or trading enterprise to sell drugs on his behalf, it can be regarded as a manufacturing enterprise.

Industry insiders said that this will cause a violent shock in the pharmaceutical industry - in the period of multi ticket system, the more drug price increases, the more "fierce" clinical promotion, and hospitals and doctors often choose such varieties. The two ticket system has cut off the sales chain of price increase at all levels, and the clinical rebate space has been compressed. Drug sales mainly rely on quality and cost performance competition. Pharmaceutical companies are facing transformation, and sales enterprises are facing industry wide shocks.

"Two vote system" is not "one size fits all"

According to the "two ticket system" of drug procurement in Anhui Province, drug manufacturers can distribute drugs to public medical institutions by themselves or entrust drug trading enterprises to distribute drugs; Drug producing enterprises may sell drugs to drug trading enterprises, which shall directly sell them to public medical institutions.

If drug trading enterprises sell drugs to grass-roots public medical institutions in remote mountainous areas, they are allowed to issue another drug purchase and sales invoice on the basis of the "two ticket system", so as to ensure the effective supply of grass-roots drugs. Drug handling enterprises shall implement the distribution work after filing with the provincial food and drug administration department; When selling drugs to public medical institutions, drug trading enterprises must provide public medical institutions with copies of sales invoices of drug producing enterprises (with the original seal of the drug trading enterprise).

Public medical institutions must sign distribution agreements with drug production enterprises or drug trading enterprises to clearly agree on specific matters of distribution and relevant requirements such as drug quality and safety responsibilities, so as to ensure that drugs can be delivered in place in time; When purchasing drugs, public medical institutions must require drug production and trading enterprises to clearly implement the provisions of the "two vote system" in their tenders or purchase contracts; Public medical institutions shall review the bills for purchasing drugs, ensure the consistency of bills, accounts and payment for goods, and ask the drug trading enterprise for a copy of the sales invoice of the drug manufacturing enterprise (with the original seal of the drug trading enterprise).

Drugs that need emergency allocation in case of disasters, epidemic situations, major accidents and other emergencies may not be limited by the "two ticket system".
Multi pronged approach to ensure the implementation of the "two vote system"
It is understood that the food and Drug Administration and health and family planning departments at all levels in Anhui Province are responsible for the supervision of the implementation of the "two vote system" in their respective administrative regions. The food and drug administration department will implement the "two ticket system" into the flight inspection and daily supervision and inspection of drug production and trading enterprises, severely crack down on various forms of illegal acts, and investigate and deal with those who violate the relevant provisions of drug administration and affect the quality of drugs according to law.

The health and family planning department will include the drug production and trading enterprises and public medical institutions that do not implement the "two ticket system" into the bad records, seriously deal with them according to relevant regulations, and link them with the evaluation of excellence and performance appraisal.

Public security organs will take the "two ticket system" as an important starting point to crack down on the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior drugs; The commercial department takes the implementation of the "two ticket system" as the main work to promote the reform in the field of drug circulation and the development of modern drug circulation mode; The administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall severely crack down on monopoly and unfair competition in the purchase and sale of drugs; The tax department shall strengthen the supervision over the purchase and sale of bills by drug production and trading enterprises.

Source: CNR