Company profile

  Guangzhou Ruihui biological Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 2012, is a focus on the in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical supplies and intelligent testing equipment, high-tech enterprises R & D, production, sales and service as one of the.

  Since the establishment of the company, the introduction of a group of senior experts and master Dr. returned, composed of R & D team, and has built a digital business for nearly ten years, the occupation managers management team, participate in the strategic development of the company, management upgrade. Our company has a total area of 1000 square meters R & D center in Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Science City and Zhongshan University medical laboratory, production workshop of 5000 square meters, including one hundred thousand square meters workshop 1000. And Zhongshan University, Southern Medical University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Health Institute, CAS Wuhan virus and many other well-known domestic institutions to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, to participate in a number of major national scientific research project "research" of the declaration, in the promotion of product development, production and service, to carry out extensive and close cooperation. As a new high-tech bio pharmaceutical enterprises, the company has obtained the National Intellectual Property Office issued a patent for the invention of the research and development of tuberculosis diagnosis and research, has filled the domestic blank technology products. At the same time also has a number of independent intellectual property rights, national invention patents, and continued to enrich the company's product variety.

  At present, Pfizer biological is in rapid growth in the development, we are actively implementing the stock system reform, to promote the company three new board listed work ready to work with the help of the power of capital markets to allow enterprises to achieve leap development.

  Guangzhou Rui Hui biological Polytron Technologies Inc is committed to the most valuable POCT manufacturers!